Style Inspiration: Keep It Simple

{Style Inspiration: Keep It Simple}


Getting dressed each day is mandatory, and as someone recently pointed out, in that case, we might as well have fun. I couldn’t agree more, but on those days when you simply want to get out the door, one’s attire still should not be neglected. Keeping it simple is always a good idea when you’re not sure what to do. This is precisely why have a capsule wardrobe will be a saving grace – stock it…

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Why Not … Master the Art of Conversation?

19 Simple Tips/Ideas {Why Not … Master the Art of Conversation?}


Cheerfulness, unaffected cheerfulness, a sincere desire to please and be pleased, unchecked by any efforts to shine, are the qualities you must bring with you into society, if you wish to succeed in conversation. … a light and airy equanimity of temper,—that spirit which never rises to boisterousness, and never sinks to immovable dullness; that moves gracefully from “grave to gay, from serious…

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Decor Inspiration: Tasteful Signature Style

{Decor Inspiration: Tasteful Signature Style}


A sanctuary by definition is a place in which the inhabitant feels safe and returns to be restored and rejuvenated. And while for some, completely white walls make instill an immediate place of quiet and tranquility, such walls also offer an opportunity to bring our personality, tastes and life experiences to the blank canvas. As interior designer Peter Dunham points out in the quote below, art…

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Grown-Ups vs. Adults: 15 Differences

{Grown-Ups vs. Adults: 15 Differences}


“People who are merely adults, who haven’t really grown up, assess risk in terms of the chances of getting caught engaging in risky behavior,” she says. “In contrast, people who are really grown up assess risk… in terms of the actual consequences of the behavior they’re considering.” -Dr. Lisa Damour

The part of growing up that always excited me, was the freedom. And as a child, this is not an…

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This & That: No. 118

A film for foodies to enjoy as well as Francophiles, articles to intrigue, a sale to take advantage of and more! {This & That: No. 118}


~Article ~How the Paleolithic Diet Got Trendy, The New Yorker

Is agriculture a fad or is the pale lifestyle a fad? Contributor to The New Yorker, Elizabeth Kolbert, pontificates about the history of how we eat today and why the Paleo approach to eating is taking hold in a variety of ways in our modern world. Humorous, but also quite insightful, it’s a worthwhile read and something to consider.


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Style Inspiration: Hats & Stripes

{Style Inspiration: Hats & Stripes}


Topping off an outfit with a fedora, a newsboy cap, a wide brim sun hat or any hat that suits their fancy conveys that the wearer perhaps is someone   of confidence, someone who with a dash of inner strength as too few people tend to choose this avenue of accessory to complete their signature style. While collecting hats can be a spendy preference, they no doubt are no more pricey than shoes.…

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Why Not … Find Your Purpose?

A major health benefit revealed! {Why Not … Find Your Purpose?}


At the core of living a fulfilling and contented life is waking up each morning with the core understanding that what you do in your everyday life matters, makes a difference.

One of the first Why Not … ? posts ever posted on TSLL was Why Not … Discover Your Purpose? In this three part series, which has become a readers’ favorite, the benefits, tips on discovering your unique purpose and…

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Decor Inspiration: Summer White Leisure

{Decor Inspiration: Summer White Leisure}


White, soft blues and breezy, natural hued fabrics always create an immediate mood of calm and leisure the moment I step into the room. Perhaps it is the abundance of light paired with the assuredness of cleanliness as nothing can escape or be hidden, but most definitely it seems to lift my mood, outlook and slow my pace. Such is the case with this summer home in the Hamptons that while a…

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Petit Plaisir: No. 26 - The Mockingbird Next Door

{Petit Plaisir: No. 26 - The Mockingbird Next Door}


With each reading of Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird, my appreciation of her detailed imagery, of her devoted gumption to speak out during such a socially inflamed period and her skillful creation of characters that demonstrate the atrocity of segregation and racism, deepens.

And as an author who after the initial promotion of the book and movie in the early sixties, chose to stay away from…

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