Style Inspiration: Hats & Stripes

{Style Inspiration: Hats & Stripes}


Topping off an outfit with a fedora, a newsboy cap, a wide brim sun hat or any hat that suits their fancy conveys that the wearer perhaps is someone   of confidence, someone who with a dash of inner strength as too few people tend to choose this avenue of accessory to complete their signature style. While collecting hats can be a spendy preference, they no doubt are no more pricey than shoes.…

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Why Not … Find Your Purpose?

A major health benefit revealed! {Why Not … Find Your Purpose?}


At the core of living a fulfilling and contented life is waking up each morning with the core understanding that what you do in your everyday life matters, makes a difference.

One of the first Why Not … ? posts ever posted on TSLL was Why Not … Discover Your Purpose? In this three part series, which has become a readers’ favorite, the benefits, tips on discovering your unique purpose and…

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Decor Inspiration: Summer White Leisure

{Decor Inspiration: Summer White Leisure}


White, soft blues and breezy, natural hued fabrics always create an immediate mood of calm and leisure the moment I step into the room. Perhaps it is the abundance of light paired with the assuredness of cleanliness as nothing can escape or be hidden, but most definitely it seems to lift my mood, outlook and slow my pace. Such is the case with this summer home in the Hamptons that while a…

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Petit Plaisir: No. 26 - The Mockingbird Next Door

{Petit Plaisir: No. 26 - The Mockingbird Next Door}


With each reading of Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird, my appreciation of her detailed imagery, of her devoted gumption to speak out during such a socially inflamed period and her skillful creation of characters that demonstrate the atrocity of segregation and racism, deepens.

And as an author who after the initial promotion of the book and movie in the early sixties, chose to stay away from…

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7 Tricks For a Successful Leap

{7 Tricks For a Successful Leap}

7.28.14a “But it’s in the detour that we truly find our way.” – If/Then

Looking up from my book while sitting on the swinging bench I was lounging on yesterday at my country getaway, I was greeted with the sight of a haphazardly flying bird – a young Robin – coming directly toward my face. Wings flailing, steadiness yet unfound and uncertainty as to how to control its new found flying apparatus, it hit me…

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This & That: No. 117

Maggie Smith’s latest film in Paris, Kim Cattrall returns to HBO and more! {This & That: No. 117}


Woody Allen’s latest film, the Barefoot Contessa is back and Maggie Smith’s latest film role set in Paris …

~Book ~Longbourn  by Jo Baker

Fans of Pride and Prejudicenow have an opportunity to discover more about their beloved tale. While Elizabeth Bennet and her sisters steal the show in Jane Austen’s classic novel, Baker tells the story through the eyes of the orphaned housemaid, Sarah…

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Broadway - If/Then Review

{Broadway - If/Then Review} #idinamenzel #tsllnyc


As many times as it has been done on television, in stories and on the big screen, it has never been done on stage. What is it that I speak of? Observing where a character’s life goes in either direction based on two different responses to a seemingly simple, yet life-altering decision.

Writers Brian Yorkey and Tom Kitt, who won Tony accolades in 2010 and a Pulitzer for their play Next to Normal

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Style Inspiration: Summer Work Chic

{Style Inspiration: Summer Work Chic}


While many people have the opportunity to take vacations during the summer months, and with August just around the corner for Europe the grand holiday getaway is about to begin, most of us still have to brave the high temps while simultaneously looking professional and appropriate for work. So today I thought I’d pull together a few options for looking work chic, but also being warm weather…

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Why Not … Welcome True Luxury?

{Why Not … Welcome True Luxury?}

7.23.14a “The most common mistake people make is believing the term ‘luxury’. It’s become an excuse for a lack of common sense and invariably stands for over-priced, poorly considered products, whether it’s a hotel, an apartment block, a handbag or a holiday.” -British designer Jasper Morrison

The beautiful quality of focusing on simple luxury is that careful attention is paid to ease and comfort which…

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Decor Inspiration: Chic, Sophisticated Gray

{Decor Inspiration: Chic, Sophisticated Gray}


While I’m always a fan of neutrals, white tends to be my color of choice, but the color that shouldn’t be forgotten about as it offers a cool, yet sophisticated tone is shades of gray. In this London home designed by Cochrane Designs, the varying hues and textures of gray creates a rich, modern elegance that allow the lives of the inhabitants to bring the home to life. I especially love the…

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