Absolutely loving and quickly become my all-time favorite cookbook (and that is not an easy get). #JudithJones “The Pleasure of Cooking for One”

Repose & Gratitude

A few articles you might enjoy {Repose & Gratitude}


4.4.14risotto ~recipe for Spring Green Risotto~

With a full weekend at home and not a long to-do list, I am eager to slow down, mosey through the next few days and perhaps make myself a batch of the spring risotto above. While weekends away are an absolute must to gain new ideas, clarity and often a sigh of relief from the regular routine, with my home coming together and nearly finished (this week the home…

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Outfit of the Week: No 14 #theory #valentino #prada

Outfit of the Week: No 14 #theory #valentino #prada

Style Inspiration: Tailored, Yet Comfortable

Outfit of the Week! {Style Inspiration: Tailored, Yet Comfortable}


A tailored blazer with fitted jeans or a cozy fine-knit cashmere sweater worn with loose boyfriend jeans and heels. So long as the look is proportional, pairing a loose item with a more structured, tailored item, such looks can work, and work very well as you will see today. A shirt dress accessorized with a statement making belt cinching in the waist or a neutral over-sized sweater with skinny…

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Why Not … Style a Desktop?

TSLL Home Tour continues … {Why Not … Style a Desktop?} 9 Tips for creating a functional and stylish work space

officeb ~On the chalkboard, my most beloved quote from Henry David Thoreau, and a message from my niece that I cannot erase.~

An office space can offer the portal for the artist to create a divine illustration, the writer to craft the perfect phrases or the entrepreneur to keep the business thriving and magnificently managed. Depending upon what we need our office space to aid us in creating, produce or…

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Decor Inspiration: The Power of Natural Simplicity

{Decor Inspiration: The Beauty of Natural Simplicity}


While spring has only just begun, I thought I’d show you a taste of what the warmer months will bring. Captured last year during late spring and summer, architect and designer Peter Marino’s Long Island getaway in the Hamptons is grand in size, but demonstrates how monochromatic planting can be powerful, hydrangeas can be rich and rustic, a few orderly apple trees can create height and comfort…

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This & That: No. 102

A broadway play that asks a great question, Rachel Zoe wedges and more! {This & That: No. 102}


A play to watch if you’ll be in New York City this spring, summer or fall, wedges for the season, a French bistro cookbook to devour and more …


~House Account

The House Account app is an opportunity to connect you with your favorite small boutiques, as well as utilize their personalized customer service.  With more than 300 speciality shops offering their inventory via House Account,…

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Joyeux Anniversaire La Tour Eiffel

Joyeux Anniversaire La Tour Eiffel


The architect Gustave Eiffel revealed his now world renowned  tower for the World’s Fair 125 years ago today – March 31, 1889 – an anniversary remembrance of sorts as to commemorate the 100th year since the French Revolution. Standing 1,062 feet tall, the Iron Lady, as she is nicknamed, was only supposed to stand for twenty years, alas, history had other plans.

Standing as the tallest man-made…

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A Rainbow’s Valuable Lesson

{A Rainbow’s Valuable Lesson}


A few months ago, I was driving through a massive rainstorm on the interstate through the Columbia Gorge which separates Oregon and Washington. After over an hour, the rain finally abated and the most breath-taking rainbow adorned the sky. In fact, it at once appeared as though I could reach out and touch it.

The proximity of such awe inspiring natural beauty gave me pause, and I couldn’t help…

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Le Week-end Petit Plaisir: No. 13

Foodies, an appetizer idea for your next dinner party {Le Week-end Petit Plaisir: No. 13}


If you are looking for a twist on an appetizer that will leave your guests or yourself insisting on one more piece, regardless of ruining their appetite for dinner, you will want to try this week’s Petit Plaisir recipe.

Ina Garten does it again by sharing a very simple, yet undeniably delicious recipe that is sure to please nearly anyone. After all, bacon and sugar – a deadly, yet scrumptious…

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