Style Inspiration: Skirts & Dresses

{Style Inspiration: Skirts & Dresses}


There is just something simple, yet seemingly complicated to the on-looker about skirts and dresses. The reality is, there is a freedom ironically to wearing a skirt or a dress, and as you will see in many of the images this week, so many different ways to wear these wardrobe essentials – with heels or flats, belted or loose, mixed with another print or a simple neutral – in other words, your…

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Decor Inspiration: A Victorian School Turned London Flat

{Decor Inspiration: A Victorian School Turned London Flat}


For anyone in the market in London for a unique space that will leave those who first enter an interior that is quite contrary to its exterior, take a look inside this former Victorian school which recently become available. Restored with a blank palette and keeping the space open, full of light, and in alignment with a learning environment (walls of bookshelves line the living room organized by…

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New on today’s fourth podcast of The Simple Sophisticate. My French predilections couldn’t wait to be unleashed! Check out the blog or tune in on iTunes to discover 10 Ways to Unearth Your Inner Francophile”.

10 Essential Wardrobe Items - Updated

The Simple Sophisticate podcast #3 - {10 Essential Wardrobe Items - Updated}


Each woman has a signature style that makes her feel her best and and highlights her body beautifully allowing her to exude confidence wherever her schedule takes her. In this week’s podcast (#3), discover the 10 Wardrobe Essentials that will help create a signature capsule wardrobe. Listeners will discover how such essentials can indeed be unique to each woman, where to shop, why it’s important…

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10 Ways to Unearth Your Inner Francophile

10 Ways to Unearth Your Inner Francophile


Today I’m diving into the French culture and sharing nine ways you can unearth your inner Francophile. I always find it fascinating how many people from around the world self-identify themselves as Francophiles. While some of you listening know without question, like myself, that you have a strong fondness for the French way of life, I’d like to share some attributes of the French culture that…

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This & That: No. 124

The Roosevelts, my favorite wall calendar, stripes and more! {This & That: No. 124

124 ~Article to Read ~What French Kids Eat for School Lunch

Many of you may be astounded by the menu shared of everyday school lunches in France in this article, but those who have read other similar articles and books, will most likely nod your head without shock. While it may seem impossible for quality, balanced meals to be served at public institutions for children, the French are a reminder…

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Outfit of the Week: No. 37

{Outfit of the Week: No. 37} Wardrobe essentials with a pop of color for fall


As I mentioned this past summer, ankle jeansare a wonderful option for pant length, and are quite en vogue this fall season. And since fall is just about upon us, black is never a bad option to have at-the-ready when pulling together an outfit. Keep it simple, include mainly neutrals that you can mix and match with many other outfits, and then add a beautiful silk blouse full of color that…

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Style Inspiration: NYFW Cool Style

{Style Inspiration: NYFW Cool Style} #nyfw #streetstyle #ss2015


New York Fashion Week began last week amongst sweltering humid temperatures, but that only prompted the fashionable to have all the more fun. From Atlantic-Pacific‘s Blair Eadie to Northern Light‘s Hedvig Opshaug (a few of my favorite fashion bloggers) as well as Laura Remington Platt, Olivia Palermo and Anna Wintour, each exhibited their effortless signature style as they sauntered from show to…

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TSLL - New Weekly Schedule

{TSLL - New Weekly Schedule}


As a new season begins, so too does a new schedule here on TSLL blog. The past two years have been an opportunity to dive into my blog content and write, edit, edit some more and final produce a book for publication as well as a podcast, but it didn’t leave time for much else. So as I strive to rediscover the balance I adore in everyday living so that I can treasure even more simple luxuries as…

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Decor Inspiration: A Bachelor Pad that Defies Stereotype

{Decor Inspiration: A Bachelor Pad that Defies Stereotype}


From Ikea to Craig’s List to Home Depot and a few vintage finds, an interior designer began one of her first projects for a young bachelor in Toronto and demonstrated that she definitely has a talent. I especially love the pop of turquoise and varying hues of green/blue throughout as well as the few walls that received the magic of wallpaper – simple, smart and welcoming to all. Enjoy the tour!


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