Decor Inspiration: A Swiss Sanctuary

{Decor Inspiration: A Swiss Sanctuary}


Always drawn to a beckoning bathtub, this home found in Switzerland blends the comforts of staying and enjoying one’s sanctuary with ample space, stunning views, a predilection for natural lighting and spacious gathering areas with a white tranquil palette. The statement fabrics of cowhide, leather ottomans, metal bar chairs and hanging chair in the master suite offer original taste that doesn’t…

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This & That: No. 107

Cookbooks, a pleasure read to devour and summer attire to fall in love with … {This & That: No. 107}


Books, books and more books as well as a few summer wardrobe selections I think you might just fall in love with …

~Book ~Delicious!: A Novel by Ruth Reichl

Recommended by Oprah’s Book Club, restaurant critic Ruth Reichl’s shares in her debut novel the story of Billie Breslin, who comes to New York from her home in California, taking a job at Delicious!, the city’s most iconic food magazine.…

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The Power of a New Perspective

{The Power of a New Perspective}


“Sometimes you just need to get out of town.  Get a new perspective, but you can’t always see that you need a new perspective because … well … you need a new perspective to be able to see that. It’s complicated.  Open your eyes … what do you see? More possibilities? Does your new view give you more hope? That’s the goal, although it doesn’t always work out that way. Sometimes a shift…

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Today’s Petit Plaisir began here . .  . #wallawalla  (at Salumiere Cesario )

Petit Plaisir: Cheese Please

{Petit Plaisir: Cheese Please}


A recent simple pleasure I have been enjoying is something I picked up after reading Judith Jone’s The Pleasures of Cooking for One. With an entire page dedicated to cheese, she explains how she enjoys ending her evening meals with a taste of cheese.

As a way to cleanse the palette or to simply savor, I have found indulging in a slice or two of quality artisan cheese to be a delightful treat…

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Sunshine & Bliss

5.2.14a 5.2.14b


~recipe for Plum, Blueberry & Thyme Galette~

One of my most anticipated spring rituals is my annual trip to the local nurseries to pick up vegetables for my wee garden and annuals for my porch decor. So it’s safe to say this weekend you’ll see me in my wellies with dirt on my hands. And since this weekend is also the first day of local farmer’s markets, I will be behaving similarly to a kid in…

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Style Inspiration: Shades of Black & White

{Style Inspiration: Shades of Black & White}


One of the simplest and surest ways to look chic, confident and pulled together is to choose an ensemble of white, black or anything in between. From gray to stripes, to simple black ankle strap sandals, the look is timeless and looks effortless. Be sure to choose your favorite look which will be shopped next week.

5.1.14b 5.1.14c 5.1.14d 5.1.14e 5.1.14f 5.1.14g 5.1.14h 5.1.14i 5.1.14j 5.1.14k 5.1.14l

The white shift dress was the overwhelming choice of readers last week,

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Why Not … Master Your Money?

{Why Not … Master Your Money?}


“If money be not thy servant, it will be thy master. The covetous man cannot so properly be said to possess wealth, as that may be said to possess him.” -Francis Bacon

Money. Some of us love it, some of us loathe it and all of us need it in some capacity to live our lives. Whatever your goals are when it comes to creating a simply luxurious life, the good news when it comes to mastering our…

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Decor Inspiration: Grandeur at the Beach

{Decor Inspiration: Grandeur at the Beach}


White decor at the beach just seems ideal and necessary, so when I came across this California beach house a few years ago, I have been savoring their ingenuity, openness as well as a touch of grandeur. From the white settee with the seasonal lilac arrangement, the high reaching ceiling and exposed rafter and the simple creativity of using a wall map to cover the television, the home…

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This & That: No. 106

A foodies’ guide to Paris, a seasonal, chic dress and more! {This & That: No. 106}


Books about where to dine in Paris, a chic spring and summer dress that is timeless, a creative way to serve cheese and more …

~Book ~Bright Bazaar: Embracing Color for Make-You-Smile Style by Will Taylor

If you are a lover of color and decor, then you will definitely want to pick up decor blogger Will Taylor’s first book being released today. Named after his blog of the same name, Bright.Ba…

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