Petit Plaisir: No. 21 - Classic Jack Lemmon

Petit Plaisir: No. 21 – Classic Jack Lemmon


There are moments, okay, many moments, when I can’t help but wonder if I was born in the wrong generation. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t take for granted the progress I appreciate every day, but my preference in music and films often takes me back more than a few decades.

One of my most beloved actors is Jack Lemmon. As a child I was introduced to him paired alongside Walter Matthau in Grumpy Old…

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The Weekend …

The Weekend . . .

5.23.14a 5.23.14b~recipe for Rhubarb Raspberry Meringues with Pistachio Crumble~

Ah, the weekend arrives, a long weekend here in the states, and I am eager for it to begin. Bring on the sunshine, the leisure, the freedom and time for long walks with my dogs. Perhaps time to make the above meringue dessert – doesn’t it look delicious?

After the lawn has been mowed, the house cleaned and the work week put behind…

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Charlize Theron - Vogue US June 2014 cover girl - wearing Adidas by Stella McCartney mesh jacket
Outfit of the Week: No. 21 … casual elegance

Outfit of the Week: No. 21 … casual elegance

Style Inspiration: Prints & Neutrals

{Style Inspiration: Prints & Neutrals}


Memorial Day is just around the corner, and I can’t quite believe May is all but passed us by. However, with the unofficial start to summer comes the need for clothing that is light, comfortable, yet still chic and fabulous. As always, choosing neutrals is never a bad idea – white, khaki, dark denim jeans or black, all can easily be paired with a beautiful print. Peruse this week’s selection…

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Why Not … Jump Start the Day?

{Why Not … Jump Start the Day?}


Whether it’s Monday morning or Saturday morning, jump starting the day so as to ensure a positive tone is set for the duration of the next 24 hours, is as simple as being mindful of basic physiology, the power of your mind and setting the stage for success. From what you eat, to what you wear, simple decisions that you make before walking out the door can have a powerful effect on the mood you…

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Shonda Rhimes’ latest creation, Sarah McLauchlin’s recent release, a book to empower young girls and more … {This & That: No. 109}

Music and books that empower, long-term Paris accommodations to bookmark and Shonda Rhimes’ latest addition to intriguing television dramas .

Decor Inspiration: Rustic Simplicity

{Decor Inspiration: Rustic Simplicity}


With rustic weathered wood tables, high ceilings and large windows to invite the light from the North Sea, this Danish home located along the coast in Dronningmoelle, believe it or not, was originally built in Oslo, Norway. Built and put on display in the 1914 World Fair, a Danish family, found it, fell in love with it and moved it.  Serving for many years as the original family’s bathhouse, the…

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8 Reasons to Nurture What Nature Gave You

{8 Reasons to Nurture What Nature Gave You}

5.19.14a “You have a unique gift to offer this world. Be true to yourself, be kind to yourself, read and learn about everything that interests you and keep away from people who bring you down. When you treat yourself kindly and respect the uniqueness of those around you, you will be giving this world an amazing gift… YOU!” 
― Steve Maraboli

Graduation is nearing and being a high school teacher, the…

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Petit Plaisir: No. 20 - Very Chic Quiche

{Petit Plaisir: No. 20 - Very Chic Quiche}


After having posted all sorts of recipeson the blog and being a professed Francophile, I have been remiss as to not yet post a quiche recipe. To not include such a classic essential of French cuisine is akin to not speaking to the importance of a nude pump or ballet flat in a capsule wardrobe. And so, in an effort to make up for past forgetfulness, I am bringing you a quiche recipe today that is…

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